Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Tue Sep 18 11:24:12 PDT 2001

>  ( i'm a boat designer not a programmer) iI found Linux coz
> it's stable
> all I want is my boat design  application not to fall over coz the
> platform does

	OK, I feel sorry for you now as a Linux newbie (and I'm likeing
sailing).  I'm remembering a few years ago, when I was...well, not quite
this clueless (but almost :) ).

	Anyway, you'll need to enter those commands at a command prompt.
That's kinda like DOS if you remember that.  If your Linux automaticly
starts KDE or Gnome or some other Graphical windowing environment then
you can look for somthing called xterm or Eterm or aterm and that will
be a prompt window.  Might be easier to get the full experience by
pressing the <ctrl> + <alt> + <F1> to get a full screen terminal prompt.
then you can type your commands.

	An easier way of untaring and ungzipping is:

tar -zxvf

	If you are familiar w/ zip files a zip does two things: one, it
compresses each file in the archive and two, it puts a those into one
file.  In Unix/Linux, tar combines alot of files into one file, and gzip
or bzip2 compresses it.  It is more efficient that way.  I'm not sure
how familiar w/ dos you are but you'll need to be able to view and
navigate around directories.  try typing `ls -af` at the prompt to view.
type `cd dirName` to decend into that dir, `cd ..` to go up a level.
you can do a search on google for "dos to unix howto" or simular.

	Further questions of this nature should go to a more basic/beginners
Mailing list/Newsgroup.




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