Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Thu Sep 20 14:38:19 PDT 2001

Here's a first attempt for the original syntax. I used the perl system and
existing profiles as a guide, and a bit of common sense where necessary. I
expect there will be a few ideas about which elements are allowed where
etc. so lets hear 'em ! 

One point, the way param flags are dealt with, as attributes, are a real
bugger when you get down to it, I've put in five for each element that uses
them, if you need any more just add them in. When the new syntax was first
proposed I couldn't realy see the point but this has made the point for me,
I'll give that a go tomorrow maybe.

If you're not sure how to use an external DTD, just change the head of your
profile to

<!DOCTYPE alfs SYSTEM "path/or/url/to/alfs-1.0.dtd" [
<!ENTITY LFS "/mnt/lfs" blah blah....

May be a good idea to put

<?xml version="1.0"?>

right at the top of your profile too.
I haven't actually built anything yet, but my profiles parse okay.

Incidentally, I tried defining the params in make as PCDATA to try and
resolve the " issue, but it made no difference. As I said before, I
don't think that is actually legal anyway, but the parser didn't complain.
Fill your boots !

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