Jason Gurtz jason at
Thu Sep 20 21:46:41 PDT 2001

> Here's a first attempt for the original syntax. I used the 
> perl system and
> existing profiles as a guide, and a bit of common sense where 
> necessary. I
> expect there will be a few ideas about which elements are 
> allowed where
> etc. so lets hear 'em !

	Wow, this is sweet!

> One point, the way param flags are dealt with, as attributes, 
> are a real
> bugger when you get down to it, I've put in five for each 
> element that uses
> them, if you need any more just add them in. When the new 
> syntax was first
> proposed I couldn't realy see the point but this has made the 
> point for me,
> I'll give that a go tomorrow maybe.

	Ahh, a positive comment about the new syntax.  :)

> May be a good idea to put
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> right at the top of your profile too.

	I've put up the dtd in my dir @ and also copied Neven's
(I got the spelling right! ;) LFS-3.0rc2 profile in there with
modifications to use the dtd.  Check out:  I've
renamed the dtd to alfs-dtd-1.0.xml since it is an xml doc.  One quick
note on the XML Declaration.  The document @ section 2.8 clarified that there
also needs to be an encoding defined for it to be a valid in addition to
being well formed.  So, I've put in:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

	At the top.  Anyway, the profiles shall now render nicely in an
xml compilent browser, further illustrating the advantages of the
version 2 syntax.  This should be M$ IE 5.0+ and Mozilla(?)  Maybe Opera
5.0 too?  Can some people check and report on results and post their
findings here?  Anyways, the dtd is up in cvs @

	So how do we put this to use?  I'd move to making an updated
ALFS-0.7.5 release with profiles and the " patch in there.  Whether
this is a cvs only release, or tarball is up for discussion.  I think a
tarball whould be nice.  Perhaps it's dir structure can be:

ALFS-0.7.5	+ - ALFS --------- Handlers
		+ - dtd
		+ - profiles - + - base
                           + - blfs
                           + - ...

How do people feel about that?

	So, anyways, the roryo profiles I must go through.  I have a
nice email attachment with many individual profiles that I must put into
cvs.  I notice some of these in the email overlap with the "all-in-one"
style profiles from his web page.  Chris, I shall be making it so all
the nice blfs profile work you've done is in nice
"individual-package-style" in cvs and also to go in ALFS-0.7.5.tar.bz2
if everyone likes?

Cheers and happily awaiting "alfs-dtd-2.0.xml"



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