new profiles for hungry ALFSer

Nicolas Nieswandt Nicolas.N at
Tue Sep 25 16:36:13 PDT 2001

I'm back again, i had a short break because of Maxwell and his equations.
But now this test is passed and I can play with my LFS again.

I have some new profiles for ALFS. An old version is in cvs but since
that, I changed a lot. (btw, it's an interessting feeling to see my scripts
and my name in the cvs, i can only recommand that).

I changed the format to
	one program - one profile

I think there are some xml-tools to merge multiple files together, but I
don't know how to do it. I found another way for telling nALFS the right

nALFS can read multiple profiles, they are displayed in the order of the
command line arguments. But

	./nALFS profiles/*.xml

loads all profiles in alphabetical order. Here is my temporary soulution
until nALFS could do it alone.

In my profile package is a file called alfs.dep, I listed all profiles in
the order I want and give that file to nALFS.

	./nALFS $(cat profiles/alfs.dep | grep --revert-match "#" )

What do you think of it ? Is there an even better way ?

For the profiles look at

Jason, perhaps you could put this in cvs again.

I also have an archive with further bootscripts
 gpm/ssh/host.def/kernel.conf )
I did not use the textdump tag, because I use the same profiles with
bootscripts for all my hosts.

Next I will start KDE profiles, I hope I can post them in a week or so.

cheers,     (greetings to

Nicolas Nieswandt / Nicolas.N at
DJ9NA  /  JO31LI  / dj9na at

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