new profiles for hungry ALFSer

Jason Gurtz jason at
Tue Sep 25 21:25:38 PDT 2001

> I'm back again, i had a short break because of Maxwell and 
> his equations.
> But now this test is passed and I can play with my LFS again.


> [...] (btw, it's an interessting feeling to 
> see my scripts
> and my name in the cvs, i can only recommand that).

Glad you're happy  :)

> I changed the format to
> 	one program - one profile
> I think there are some xml-tools to merge multiple files 
> together, but I
> don't know how to do it. I found another way for telling 
> nALFS the right
> order.

Actually, this brings up a thought I had on the version 2 syntax.  I had
thought a while back that it might be a really good thing to have a
profile be a set of profiles, one for each package, and have a master
profile that tied them togeather in the right order.  Basicaly, the
topic of dependency checking and/or parallel building got me thinking
about that.  I thought that perhaps, eventually, it whould be easy to
add this version, and dependency information to each package profile.
It whould also seem to make it slightly easier to keep up with
book/package revisions.

Dunno, anyone want to comment on that?

> nALFS can read multiple profiles, they are displayed in the 
> order of the
> command line arguments. But
> 	./nALFS profiles/*.xml
> loads all profiles in alphabetical order. Here is my 
> temporary soulution
> until nALFS could do it alone.
> In my profile package is a file called alfs.dep, I listed all 
> profiles in
> the order I want and give that file to nALFS.
> 	./nALFS $(cat profiles/alfs.dep | grep --revert-match "#" )
> What do you think of it ? Is there an even better way ?

That looks pretty good, even allowing for comments in the deps file!  :)

> For the profiles look at
> Jason, perhaps you could put this in cvs again.

Yes, as soon as I can.

> Next I will start KDE profiles, I hope I can post them in a 
> week or so.

Can't wait for those! /me who has never tried KDE yet

> cheers,
>     (greetings to

Heh, nice one there  :)



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