new profiles for hungry ALFSer

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Fri Sep 28 12:36:51 PDT 2001

On Wed, Sep 26, 2001 at 11:54:32AM +0200, Nicolas Nieswandt wrote:
> >Actually, this brings up a thought I had on the version 2 syntax.  I had
> >thought a while back that it might be a really good thing to have a
> >profile be a set of profiles, one for each package, and have a master
> >profile that tied them togeather in the right order.  Basicaly, the
> >topic of dependency checking and/or parallel building got me thinking
> >about that.  I thought that perhaps, eventually, it whould be easy to
> >add this version, and dependency information to each package profile.
> >It whould also seem to make it slightly easier to keep up with
> >book/package revisions.
> >
> >Dunno, anyone want to comment on that?
> Like the way I thought, but I don't know how to patch nALFS to understand
> XLink ( more infos )
> I already wrote about that, I thought it might look like this.


Yes, it looks interesting and useful. I'm not sure about xlink, but we can
add our own tags like <include>, or <source> or something like that?

I think that would be much better, since we can make them to completely
suit ALFS needs. Like:

<include type="package">

    <!-- Multiple locations allowed -->

    <!-- Names from <package> tag -->
        bash binutils diffutils fileutils gcc grep
        gzip make mawk sed sh-utils textutils

or something similar?

> I have just another idea. Above I mentioned "basch-static.xml" and
> "bash.xml" and I think this two should be in one file.
> There could be a attribute <package type="static"> and the attributes
> could be uses even for eg. vim <package type="with-x-support">

Yes, but IMHO, it doesn't really belongs to <package> attributes.

Perhaps a new <option> tag, there all different (and optional) parts of
the profile would be. Something like:

<package name="fileutils" version="&fileutils-version;">
    . . .
    <option name="ugly_seds" description="Use these if you start getting...">
        seds for fileutils
    . . .

Then, from the frontend, you could choose if you want to include this,
exclude that etc. I think that would be really nice. :)

> But first let's start with the basics of a new syntax. ( or two? one for
> the different host specific master profiles and one for the packages ?)

I'm going to start implementing and pushing the new syntax slowly.
As I go, I expect to see what's possibly missing from the syntax Jason posted,
so I'll comment it and maybe add a few suggestions then.


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