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Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at
Thu Aug 22 05:02:11 PDT 2002


Here I am again striking on the same key.
As I previously thought, many of you have your little scripts to automate 
the process of building LFS.
ALFS in the cvs is stalled and (AFAIsee) is not going the way of arranging 
the commands in a bash script; and neither of the others do that.
Since the book is about:"... the process of creating a Linux system from 
scratch from an already installed Linux distribution,...", how about "one 
way to write a script to automate the process of...". Something that you run 
in your host distro with the packages allready downloaded.
It has been a good exercise for me and some details have been pointed out in 
recent threads.
I know I'm just a proto-candidate-to-beginner but I'd like to gather all 
into one with the best ideas all of you come up with.
All I'm asking is to tar.bzip your scratches and send'em down, even if 
they're broke and whatever version they're suppose to build. Just don't send 
the sources with it.
If people at alfs-discuss don't mind (Jesse & Co), I'll be there dusting off 
and sweeping the floor, waiting for you. (I'll be a sitting duck - just 
shoot me down).
I'm posting this mail here(lfs-support) because that's where everybody is.

This is an official newbie attack.

Rui Ferreira

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