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Thu Aug 22 07:19:44 PDT 2002

>From: Adrien BEAUCREUX <informancer at>
>Subject: Re: ALFS again  & again & ...

>AFAIK the goal of ALFS is to abstract from a shell, making a profile, in
>order to increase reusability(?). The other advantage in my mind, is
>that the syntax is somewhat simpler than the shell, so someone who is
>not a shell wizzard can write a profile.

Where did you red such thing.
>From the book:
"...The goal of this project is to develop an installation tool that can 
install an LFS system automatically. Its main goal is to speed up 
compilation by taking away the need to manually enter the commands to 
configure, compile, and install packages."

If you have other sources, please acknoledge.

>But if you are talking about a CALFSAN (Comprehensive ALFS Archive
>Network), it can be a good idea.

Hmmm, let me brain my feed! No, can't sence this in a way to make translate 
to me!

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