bug in profile LFS-20020708 ?

Vassili Dzuba vassilidzuba at nerim.net
Fri Aug 23 13:29:36 PDT 2002

In the file chapter4/chapter4 of Has Neven's profile LFS-20020708,
one find :

<stage name="Chapter 4">

<!-- In case it doesn't exist. -->
<mkdir base="&LFS;">

where the relevant entities are defined as :

<!-- Directory in which LFS system will be installed. -->
<!ENTITY LFS "/mnt/lfs">

<!-- Directory (inside LFS) where all packages will be compiled. -->
<!ENTITY build_dir "/usr/src">

It seems to me that the creation of the build directory is incorrect,
as by replacing the entity references by their value, one get :

<mkdir base="/mnt/lfs">

and as the name of the directory being created is absolute, the specifcation of
the base is irrelevant and one tries to create /usr/src in the host distribution,
not the new LFS one (we are not chrooted in /mnt/lfs when we execute this mkdir).

We could maybe write :

<!-- In case it doesn't exist. -->

Vassili Dzuba
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