Conrad's ALFS comments

Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at
Mon Aug 26 16:12:08 PDT 2002

> Good programming style suggests that names be longer, not shorter, so that
> each name is self-explanatory. This eases learning for people new to the
> scripts. Shorter names are preferred by folks like me, K & R traditional-
> ists, who like to type less and are performance oriented on slower eqpt.
I'm reading K&R's "The C Programming Language" (2nd edition) these days,
and they encourage long style names that are easily understood!

I for myself prefer to combine upper-lowercase naming style and underline
style if sensible, like "input_getSomeShit" and "input_getSomeMoreShit"
instead of "input_get_some_shit" and "input_get_some_more_shit". Being
true to yourself, you should agree the former looks much cleaner and is
more easily understood.

Just another small comment, and of course no coding-style advocacy. ;-)
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