Conrad's ALFS comments

Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at
Tue Aug 27 03:08:27 PDT 2002

Ok. Let me totally change my speech.

>From: Bill Maltby LFS Related <lfsbill at>
>Subject: Re: Conrad's ALFS comments

>It depends on the goal of the effort. Let's say, for example, that the
>goal is primarily educational. Then avoiding certain complexities that
>may be quite elegant but difficult for a noob to understand might be the
>right decision. If the goals are other than that, say maximum reuse of
>code and maximum flexibility, then the decision could go the other way.
The goal was just automation.
I started all this because I belived that everybody has it's own little 
script, and I went to alfs in the LFS site and it wasn't there.
So the proposal was to do something that everybody agreed on and that could 
appear there.
Conrad's script isn't there, but it seems that it is the one.
It's easy to read, understand and maintain. Uses lfs-packages and 
lfs-commands as they come from the site.
***So, why isn't it in the alfs page?***

Your BILLS has it's own educational value. It's something with LFS within, 
right? I'm anxious to see it.

MSN Photos é a maneira mais fácil e prática de editar e compartilhar sua 

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