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> On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 10:43:45AM -0500, Thomas Cameron wrote:
> > Anyway, I would like to know to what degree does ALFS work.  In other
> > words, what components work, which ones do not, and which ones are on
> > the edge?  How configurable is it with regard to which packages to
> > install, and the such.
> Unfortunately, no one can be... told, what the ALFS is. You have to
> see it for yourself. ;)
> There are three parsers that are actively being developed:
> http://www.beotel.yu/~has/projects/alfs/
> Try them, and if you need any help, speak up. :)
> > And, lastly, how active is the support and develoment of the ALFS
> > project.
> This list is pretty low-traffic, though it has its moments. Apart
> from that, I think we're all pretty active behind the scene. :)
> Neven
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I think however one can give some more details to the lost souls
that wander in these lands ;-)

ALFS uses XML profiles that describe the processing to be performed to
a (set of) package(s). These profiles are rather "dumb" as they simply
describe a sequence
of tasks to be performed to build the package (very often a simple
unpack/configure/make/make install).

ALFS is not a package manager and should not be compared with apt-get or

Currently there exist profiles to build LFS 4.0 using Neven's nALFS and
Mark's ALFS. They work.

There exist a profile to build a large part of BLFS (about 174 packages)
using nALFS.
It works but it is not completely tested yet.
I used it on a LFS 4.0 to build mozilla and all the packages it requires.
However the order of the build of each package must be selected manually
within nALFS.

There exist a profile to build a bootable (B)LFS CD.

And there exists many other profiles on the net. Be carefull that the syntax
has evolved, and
all the profiles don't work with all the tools.

Note that except from selecting in nALFS which package to build, the
processing of
a profile is not interactive. You need to put in the profile all the details
of your

So, one can say that yes, ALFS works ands can be used to build some large
but you will probably need to enter into the details of the profile to do so
(for instance by writing
the configuration files for the applications you want to build).

Vassili Dzuba

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