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> Op vr 20-12-2002, om 15:27 schreef Vassili Dzuba:
> > Personnaly, i started to write one not because i don't like nALFS
> > (on the contrary !) but as a way to learn more about linux programming
> > and to try a few other approaches.
> Uhm hi I am kind of new. But I am doing about the same. I am going for
> integration with java/gcj/ant into the lfs system. But Ant is like a bit
> broken at the moment when you build it with gcj. (haven't had time to
> help yet, because I still haven't finished the basics of my development
> system, I just check the bugs at the moment) And its not a real ALFS as
> long as it's just silly scripts. That's why I chose gcj/ant, because you
> got like easy to parse config files for the end-user and low-level
> integration to make a real alfs. This is going to take like ages....

I'm not sure what you mean by "integration with java/gcj/ant into the lfs
system" ?
Do you mean to implement a ALFS tool as an extension to Ant, or to add
functions to call Ant from a (n)ALFS tool, or something else yet ?

I discarded the idea of building a ALFS in java because i thought the sun
is too large, while adding nALFS to a LFS is very easy, but i didn't think
of gcj. Is it easy to install ? Do you know which XML parsers work with gcj

> The trouble is that a lot of things are very dependent on the current
> system you are using if you are setting up a LFS system. Like the last
> time I tried, before I by accident removed everything (rm -Rf * as root,
> yes I am silly) using Gentoo to get into LFS a lot of the LFS configured
> and maked as supposed too. Now I am running mandrake 9 and a lot of
> things are totally broken. The book isn't much help on that. They should
> have liked included a hint like run ldd /static/bin/* and watch the
> output. I just assumed (never assume) that all the config settings were
> right. Glibc is a real terror.

I tried my first installation (manually) starting from a debian
that i removed thereafter, and i didn't have any special problem to build

> Greets bhun.
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