Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Fri Dec 20 08:33:15 PST 2002

Key Bindings Release. Help is now displayed with '?' (in the main
window, as the status was becoming quite crowded unfortunately) and I
suggest pressing that key as soon as you start the program. :)

I hope this makes some sense too, if you're using fixed-width fonts:

                 go up                           jump backward

                   k                                   K
to parent, or   h    l   open           close all   H    L   open all
close element     j      element         elements     J      elements

                go down                           jump forward

Arrows are still there, but as every good little penguin, try using
the above. ;)

Options are now also displayed in the main window, so you can more
easily change them while running (again, the lack of space in the
status window was the main reason for doing this). Changing several at
once, without 'o'ing all the time can be done as well.

There are a few more interesting and hopefully useful things in this
release, so check out http://www.beotel.yu/~has/projects/alfs/CHANGES,
as usual.


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