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Dhek Bhun Kho bhun at
Fri Dec 20 10:27:58 PST 2002

Hey Vassili,

Op vr 20-12-2002, om 16:59 schreef Vassili Dzuba:
> I'm not sure what you mean by "integration with java/gcj/ant into the lfs
> system" ?
Well like if you follow the LFS the part starting till chapter 5 can be
fully automated, then it's a question of getting libc6 to compile (I
have been trying for 2 days now, 2.2.5 didn't compile from the lfs
mirror). At the moment it seems like this part going from chapter 5 to
chapter 6 can only be accomplished by hacking up a bash script, that
will set up directories and permissions and make the new gcc compiler
suite, with gcj support, as a finishing touch it should recompile the
java ant and things are to be taken over again by ant scripts. You might
find this odd, but it seems it's not possible to compile the java
libraries statically (haven't tried yet, so don't pin me on this, could
be due to the way java loads methods and such dynamically).

> Do you mean to implement a ALFS tool as an extension to Ant, or to add
> functions to call Ant from a (n)ALFS tool, or something else yet ?
I haven't looked at nALFS yet, because I have trouble getting libc
compiled correctly. (I solve one problem and I get a new one in a later
stage, the patches have been useless).

> I discarded the idea of building a ALFS in java because i thought the sun
> is too large, while adding nALFS to a LFS is very easy, but i didn't think
> of gcj. Is it easy to install ? Do you know which XML parsers work with gcj
> ?
Gcj is quite easy to install (--enable-languages=java,c,c++). But they
need a lot of help I guess at classpath. 

Well the beauty about gcj is that you have a like huge amount of
choices. Xerces (sax parsing) is working and if you know the c libraries
like libxml already, you can use that through CNI. Look I am not like a
big guru on LFS, but I found this an interesting option, because there
are a lot of java programmers out there, who don't want to learn c or
c++ or python or perl or bash. This option gives them a chance and also
doesn't close the doors on the c programmers who don't want to go
through JNI. Gcj is part of the gcc distribution, last time I read it
was GPL. I am not trying to sell anything, at the moment it's all very
bare and I only got some xml scripts that automate chapters till 5. The
idea is to be able to parse the config files, so you can configure it
through a webinterface and cook up an xml script that ant will read. The
bonus is that xml is easy to parse into a gui or html.

> that i removed thereafter, and i didn't have any special problem to build
> it.
Hmm. Tough luck, I got mandrake (which I am hoping to delete). It's just
soo strange, first assembly code crashed because there is some
instruction pushing values onto an address instead of an register, then
it's because no symlinks are made to, now it's something about
not being able to determine sizeof(long double).

Greets Bhun.

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