various fixes in patch form for perl FEBE

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Sun Feb 3 04:37:45 PST 2002

On 2002.01.25 19:53 Kerry Scott McLeod wrote:
> This solves issues with the perl febe.

I presume you mean the one in CVS ? In case not, in reference to mine :-

> The issues I fixed were as follows:
> Handler changes:
> 1. shell metachars not expanded properly in due
> to system being called with multiple arguments instead of a single
> string
> argument.

Fixed, don't use system here any more.

> 2. shell metchars not expanded properly in due to
> perl's
> chmod call being used as opposed to a call via system with one param.
> Please note: i'm sure there are other handlers that don't handle the
> metachars correctly.. but when I was building my profile.. these are
> the
> one's that effected me.. and thus the reason I selectively noticed and
> fixed them.  Please do NOT use system with multiple param calls.. if
> possible use system with a single string.. and if you need multiple
> vars
> in it.. just append your string together.  System with multiple params
> does NOT expand shell metachars.

Fixed, globbed out metacharacters prior to the function call. Hopefully 
i found all the handlers with this problem :)

> Changes specific to backend:
> 1. Initialize twig with the NoExpand param set to 1... this makes
> &quot
> and other xml escapes work properly.

Well smack me on the head with a mountain donkey ! Just as i stop using 
twig too :) Still, nice to know, thanks.

> 2. Message strings being passed to the backend
> are now checked for null before being parsed.. this
> fixes the parse problem frequently referred to as the "-1
> problem.." that you guys would encounter at the end of your profiles.
> (The error message was only seen in the output from the backend.. so
> if
> you didn't notice it.. it only means you aren't as big a pedant as I
> am -
> this is most likely a good thing :) ).
> Thank you for paying attention to the ravings of a loud-mouth
> malcontent.
> -HalcyonBlue
> --

Restructured alot of the messaging stuff.

> 					 			-Kerry 
> Scott McLeod (nitrogen at

Ah, just noticed this is against the one in cvs, thats cool, thanks 
muchly for the NoExpand tip, had me going round in circles for ages !

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