planned failure

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Tue Feb 19 14:44:44 PST 2002

Okay, here's one to get the grey matter working. Any ideas for a tidy 
way of flagging a profile step that you expect to fail ? Now that 
you're all looking confused i'll try and make some sense :)

I have a profile containing a make step that will fail, that's ok 
because it's supposed to fail. I'm actually cross compiling the Hurd, 
which requires going backwards and forwards between half builds of gcc 
and glibc amongst other things, the first builds of which will fail 
because the other isn't built yet.

Unfortunately, put this in a profile, with a -k param to make, and it 
still returns and error code and halts the profile. I'm thinking maybe 
a new element in <make>, <configure> and the like, or maybe even 
everything, to say ignore errors. Or perhaps an attribute, that may be 
more appropriate. Any thoughts ?

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