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Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at
Sun Feb 24 21:42:24 PST 2002


On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 09:39:24PM -0700, Brendan Taylor wrote:
> Yeah, but I guess I just figured that doing the one chapter by itself
> would be a waste of time.

I guess it depends how you look at it.

> The reason chapter 5 is installed as non-root is so that you can't slip
> up and overwrite host system files, right?  So in a properly set up
> profile this isn't going to happen and it doesn't really matter if you
> do chapter 5 as root.

Why not?  sure it matters.  Just because it's automated doesn't mean it
wont happen.  It really is not a good idea to compile software as root.
Everybody does it, that doesn't make it right.

There was talk before about using a user to compile the software, then
su'ing to root to install.. i believe bdumm was thinking along those
lines to implement it in ALFS.

Anyways, that doesn't fix the problem that, sometimes it is allright
for a configure or make process to end with an error and continue on.

ALFS isn't only being used for the LFS-BOOK here, there is always plenty
more software to install once the base system is up and running ;-)

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