Further standardisation

Pedro Ortigão pmo at netcabo.pt
Wed Feb 27 15:42:43 PST 2002

Hi all,

I've noticed, from the profiles available on the web, that there is no 
"standard" way of creating one profile. Sure there is the structure of the 
XML and it's tags but if I download one profile I'll probably have to tweak 
it before actually executing it.

When I started creating profiles I created them based on the LFS31 profile 
that came with the nALFS sources. These profiles include 3 files (general, 
package and system) that define entities which will then be used on the 
packages xml's. 

If we could reach an agreement on the names of these entities, or at least 
on the more important ones like:

<!ENTITY LFS "/mnt/hda6">
<!ENTITY orig_packages_dir "/usr/src/sources/packages/pre_blfs_31">
<!ENTITY packages_dir "/usr/src/packages">
<!ENTITY build_dir "/usr/src">
<!ENTITY opt_flags "-O3 -march=i686">

...we could exchange profiles more easilly. It would just mean downloading 
the source of the software you wanted to your usual src download dir, 
downloading the associated profile to your usual profile dir and that was 
it. No more having to open the profiles and tweaking them (except for the 
purpose of actually making them better). It's a kind of new level of 

Further down the road, if we changed the ALFS syntax a litlle we could even 
skip the general and system files making it even simpler...
For the package file, most of the information is easilly deduced or can be 
included in the profile itself.
For the system file we could have the ALFS engine read all xml files in one 
directory (this dir would be specified in the main XML file) and sort them 
by a <order> tag or implement a <requires> tag...)I know this last one is 
quite a step into the package management system...

Last but not least there should be IMHO more profiles for downloading in 
the ALFS web page and these should be more in sync with the LFS book and 
the BLFS book or hints. It could work with cvs, and this group could manage 
them (like the Hint system). These profiles would also be usefull as a test 
bed for the engines. 

Your opinions, flames, anything are welcome.

Just my 2 euro cents...
Pedro Ortigão

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