Non-Receipt Notification

Paul Campbell paul at
Thu Jan 17 17:55:39 PST 2002

I got one of these.  Scratched my head for a while -- too used to postfix
errors that try at least and make sense.

Can I ask a silly question.

I run a postfix server to route local network mail, and coupled to fetchmail it
recieves net mail from the usual list of accounts and delivers it.  Internal
fetchmails then finish inbound mail to the workstations.  Outbound mail not for my domain is
deffered to my ISP smtp server.

Question:  In newsgroups, I never changed my domain name (IIRC), and my
messages appear to come for my local network "".  That sub domain
is still registered, but NOT pointed at my machine. ( is )  Even if it was, 
DPT:25 is firewalled.

Is this likely to case rebounds to newsgroups?  If someone trys to send to
paul at they will no doubt recieve an error.  Will this cause bouces
to mailing lists?

Just don't want to be a pest.

Test..g Te.ting One Two Th..e
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