new guy, newbie questions.

Chris Lingard chris at
Sun Jan 20 06:01:45 PST 2002

Rob Landley wrote:

>> To get a working and useful system on a CD takes 500Mb.
> As bzipped tarballs of source code?  Define "working and useful".  (What
> are
> you installing?  Text compresses pretty well...)  Red Hat fits the source
> code for a CD's worth of binaries onto one CD...  I glanced at the XML,
> didn't see anythign that looked particularly big.  (Are you compiling
> directly from the CD?)

OK,  365 Mb with the extra sources removed.  85 Mb of packages, book and 
hints.  But the 280Mb of binaries contains 100Mb of X plus some other 
things.  I can get it down a bit, but I do not want to loose functionality.

I can do XFree -configure; and get a working X, so installation is quite 

"working and useful"  yes, good question.  To me it is a full LFS system, 
and yes it does compile straight off the CD;  this is how it auto-installs. 
I wanted a system that can mass produce LFS machines.  Just run off the 
CDs.  All I need to do is make the partitions, mount them and run the 
script overnight.  The end result is a system that needs a kernel, fstab 
and lilo.conf, (you have to do chapter 8).  The links are to UK clock and 
keyboard, but this could be changed.
It is not compulsary to run the script.  You can also run the commands as 
per the book.  It has lynx, so just make an empty partition, mount it, and 
do the book.

I can install on Intel or AMD, and the only things that are beating me, so 
far, are SCSI disks and USB mice.

> Yeah you need a boot system on top of that, but you can install a minimal
> system, with compiler, in maybe 16 megs.  (Uncompressed.  The binary of
> the compiler compresses down to less than 4 floppies, I installed it that
> way back on OS/2...)

I did not want to make a "Type go to install" type system; so everything is 
installed and working on the CD.

What functionality would you expect on an installation/distribution CD?

> If I get a copy of a CD I could probably put it up for download
> somewhere...
> (I know somebody at VA who might be able to arrange hosting there.  If
> not,
> I'm sure I could figure something out...)  How big is the bzipped version
> of the ISO image?

I have done this exercise before; and can get the bzipped iso image down to 
about 75Mb.  This is OK for the USA with free telephones and cable;  but is 
an impossible download most other places.  It costs UKP1.00 to post; and 
this is the cheapest download.  If it ever gets popular I will find someone 
with a CD duplicator.

>> This is interesting.  My boot image thinks it is a 2.88Mb floppy.
> Ah.  I actualy do have one of those drives somewhere (salvaged from IBM),
> but I'm not sure I have any of the disks...

No, you do not need this, sorry I was not clear.  The boot image on the CD 
is 2.88Mb, and "thinks" it is a floppy;  but the CD boots direct.

So far I have compiled -march=i586  -mcpu=i586 -Os but there is an 
interesting thread about how to compile 486.  I think I will remake the 
generating system.  I also want the new X for the source disk.


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