new guy, newbie questions.

Chris Lingard chris at
Mon Jan 21 12:14:13 PST 2002

Rob Landley wrote:

> One fun little thing I've been working on is the CML2 autoconfigurator. 
> It's close to working (not QUITE there yet), but when it's done you can do
> "make autoconfigure" instead of "make menuconfig" and it should probe your
> hardware
> and set questions correctly.  (You can make menuconfig to double-check its
> guesses if you like.  Probably a good idea at present...)  It can't find
> old
> pre-PNP ISA cards, but other than that it does a pretty good job.  So
> automating a kernel build might not be impossible for too much longer. 
> I've seen it work as "configure && make && make modules_install", just on
> a fairly restricted subset of machines at present, and of course the patch
> isn't in 2.5 yet...

This sounds good,  will look forward to it.

> Automating fstab and lilo/grub are basically the same problem.  Deal with
> partition layout and you can tell the installer what to do...

Yes, I must write a front end, or find one somewhere.

>> What functionality would you expect on an installation/distribution CD?
> Dunno.  That's why I asked. :)
What I meant is,  what would you like to see.  Snag with doing your own 
thing is that you have no customers to interview, or demonstrate prototypes 

> Well, lemme hack my way through the basic LFS install first, now that I
> finally have a test system I can format.  (It's a pentium pro 180, but
> What does "-Os" do?  I usually use about -O2...
Similar to O2, but optimize for size.


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