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Tue Jan 22 06:07:32 PST 2002

On Monday 21 January 2002 03:14 pm, Chris Lingard wrote:

> >> What functionality would you expect on an installation/distribution CD?
> >
> > Dunno.  That's why I asked. :)
> What I meant is,  what would you like to see.  Snag with doing your own
> thing is that you have no customers to interview, or demonstrate prototypes
> to.

I'm looking to set up my test system so that everything that's on there has 
the source code ready so I can recompile it and try out the changes.

I'm looking to eliminate the huge barrier to debugging and patching something 
that's bothering me, but isn't bothering me enough that I'm going to spend an 
hour figuring out how to compile and install it from source so I have a 
version I can play with rather than a version installed and configured via an 

> > Well, lemme hack my way through the basic LFS install first, now that I
> > finally have a test system I can format.  (It's a pentium pro 180, but
> >
> > What does "-Os" do?  I usually use about -O2...
> Similar to O2, but optimize for size.

My first attempt and getting through chapter 5 ran into the fact that a 
static compile of something like "su" is over 2 megabytes.  That's just 
insane.  I had 1/4 gig free (larger than the 120 megabyte hard drive I had 
back in the early linux days) and it filled up less than halfway through 
chapter 5!  /lfs/bin is 79 megs and /lfs/usr/bin is 122!  That's not right...

I could just free up a gigabyte and start over, but that's nuts.  I'll 
compile a redirected version that;s not static and just feed it the 
appropriate shared libraries...  (What's the point of making them static if 
we haven't recompiled glibc anywhere in chapter 5?  It just means we're 
splicing in binary code into the executables rather than leaving it shared.  
Might as well just copy the libraries to lib and have a system in 1/10 the 

Unless I missed something?

Oh, and the instructions for setting up the linux kernel in chapter 5 look 

make mrproper &&
yes "" | make config &&
make dep &&
cd $LFS/usr/include &&
cp -a ../src/linux/include/linux . &&
chown -R root.root $LFS/usr/include/linux &&
mkdir asm &&
cp -a ../src/linux/include/asm/* asm &&
chown -R root.root $LFS/usr/include/asm

Notice that the "cp" commands assume the kernel source is in $LFS/src/linux, 
yet it never tells you it should unpack it there.  (2.4 kernel source can be 
just about anywhere, including a user's home directory...)

> Chris

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