new guy, newbie questions.

Seth W. Klein sk at
Wed Jan 23 18:38:26 PST 2002

Mark Ellis <mark.uzumati at> wrote:
> On 2002.01.18 11:41 Rob Landley wrote:
> > Where's the FAQ and HOWTO for this project?  I can't find them.  (If there
> > AREN'T any, I'm probably going to start writing simple ones since I have to
> > learn all this gorp to begin with.)

I maintain the FAQ at in which i'm
currently including FAQs from LFS and BLFS lists. I'm reading this list
now and using nALFS, so i'm happy to include FAQs from here too.

My ever present note about submitting (frequently asked) questions with
their answers directly to me to make sure i don't miss the ones that
matter too you applies even more since i've only read this list for a
month or so.

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 And when do we start the Automated FAQ Maintainer From Scratch project?
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