Project managment - or just chaos?

Jay Bennie jay at
Fri Jan 25 11:18:43 PST 2002

To say now I'm now completely lost would be an understatement.

I started writing up the current state of the project back in November, but
I've been busy of late and things have fallen behind schedule.

Don't worry, I'm slowly sifting through the masses of email to work out the
Project aims, who's who etc. I realise that this work is in parallel to some
of the work published on the site, but this work is more of a book about
ALFS than an FAQ/ guide to implement. - hopefully it will provide a good
read to anyone with an interest in the project, but doesn't necessarily want
to contribute to the development.

Anyway, It looks like Jesse is firmly in the driving seat that the moment,
while Mark extends the syntax, with Felipe.
Gerard, am I right in suggesting that you are moderating the requests for
function, i.e helping Jesse sort out the requirements that will make up the
release? And every one else on the list is trying to build their own
parser/variant of nALFS. With the exception of Neven and Jason.

If I'm wrong can you let me know, or if you are important to this project
and I missed you out?

PS. Is there any chance that someone could email me a tarball of a current
development nALFS and the XML Profiles. I'm crap with CVS. I always mess up
the bits I download.


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