Project managment - or just chaos?

Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Jan 25 11:29:52 PST 2002

> To say now I'm now completely lost would be an understatement.

/me patpat's

> [...] I realise that this work is in parallel to some
> of the work published on the site, but this work is more of a
> book about ALFS than an FAQ/ guide to implement. - hopefully
> it will provide a good read to anyone with an interest in the
> project, but doesn't necessarily want to contribute to the
> development.

I think your efforts are a good idea especaily now that there is no clfs

> PS. Is there any chance that someone could email me a tarball
> of a current
> development nALFS and the XML Profiles. I'm crap with CVS. I
> always mess up
> the bits I download.

	I think that nALFS isn't in a cvs at all but is mirrored on shadowfax @

	Don't forget about Mark Ellis's work with the old Perl code.  I believe
the current status is that it works with the newer sytax as used by
nALFS along with some other changes.  Check out his page @
<>.  My but there are a lot of
outstanding changes to be made to the alfs web site/cvs.



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