various fixes in patch form for perl FEBE

Kerry Scott McLeod nitrogen at
Fri Jan 25 11:53:39 PST 2002

This solves issues with the perl febe.
The issues I fixed were as follows:

Handler changes:

1. shell metachars not expanded properly in due
to system being called with multiple arguments instead of a single string 

2. shell metchars not expanded properly in due to perl's
chmod call being used as opposed to a call via system with one param.
Please note: i'm sure there are other handlers that don't handle the
metachars correctly.. but when I was building my profile.. these are the
one's that effected me.. and thus the reason I selectively noticed and
fixed them.  Please do NOT use system with multiple param calls.. if
possible use system with a single string.. and if you need multiple vars
in it.. just append your string together.  System with multiple params
does NOT expand shell metachars.

Changes specific to backend:

1. Initialize twig with the NoExpand param set to 1... this makes &quot
and other xml escapes work properly.

2. Message strings being passed to the backend 
are now checked for null before being parsed.. this 
fixes the parse problem frequently referred to as the "-1
problem.." that you guys would encounter at the end of your profiles.  
(The error message was only seen in the output from the backend.. so if 
you didn't notice it.. it only means you aren't as big a pedant as I am - 
this is most likely a good thing :) ).

Thank you for paying attention to the ravings of a loud-mouth malcontent.

			-Kerry Scott McLeod (nitrogen at
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