hello...first post...thoughts on refocus

crebral fix crebralfix at angelfire.com
Fri Jan 25 11:58:07 PST 2002

hello everyone,

this is my first post to the list.  i4m a linux sys admin who wants something like this...i really like the idea.  i built my first lfs system in june of last year...had a blast doing so.  now, i4m spending quite a bit of time working in perl on personal projects...i4d like to help out if i can.

i was reading the last digest, and several questions came to mind.  please stay with me on this;  i haven4t seen the code yet.

1) what part of alfs works?

2) what does not work?

3) there seems to be some confusion about what4s going on.  do we have a definition of services?  it doesn4t have to be a full blown white paper...just a list of goals so we know when we4re done with version 0.0001.

something like:  

a) alfs shall install a baseline LFS system exactly as shown in the book into a user specified location.  
( this could even be something like it just installs bash and the various baseline linux packages ).

b) the lfs profile shall define, in xml, the items to be installed and the means to do so.

we then iterate over this list, adding 1 item at a time, until it does everything that we need.

4) where are we now with this?

i know this seems basic, but it seems that everyone is getting caught up in 4terminal feature-itis4.  forget portability, package management, etc...let4s get it working and documented.  i think our first goal is to just get it to install a basic system ( if it already does so, great ) and document what it did.

why don4t we write generic tools that we can use as the foundation for the features we want? ( maybe you already have )  this way, if we decide we want to use our favorite RH 5.2 distro, we can build a tool LATER to handle it using these building blocks.

so, back to my first question:  what works?



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