various fixes in patch form for perl FEBE

Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Jan 25 11:59:29 PST 2002

> 1. Initialize twig with the NoExpand param set to 1... this 
> makes &quot
> and other xml escapes work properly.

Wow, U don't know how long that bug has been hanging around!

> 2. Message strings being passed to the backend 
> are now checked for null before being parsed.. this 
> fixes the parse problem frequently referred to as the "-1
> problem.." that you guys would encounter at the end of your 
> profiles.  
> (The error message was only seen in the output from the 
> backend.. so if 
> you didn't notice it.. it only means you aren't as big a 
> pedant as I am - 
> this is most likely a good thing :) ).
> Thank you for paying attention to the ravings of a loud-mouth 
> malcontent.

hehe, thx for the patch  :)


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