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Nicolas Nieswandt lfs at
Fri Jan 25 12:08:51 PST 2002

>Why is it important to merge the XML profiles of ALFS with the LFS book
>profiles, Surely they are different things and merging them only serves to
>add an unnessisary degree of complexity to what is in essence a really
>simple thing to do.

They are not different things. If you havn't read the book you can not build
an alfs profile. The info for how to build profiles (fill the tags) are in
the book already. With this in mind, why get these infos automated out of
the book and keep the profiles up to date.

I meant not to merge profiles into the LFS-book, but get the profiles out of
the book. sorry!

>If the argument is to ensure that the instructional code of the install
>profile can be copied to the book, why not run a script to extract the
>relivent bits from 1 profile into the other. isnt that the reason why XSLT
>was developed.

That's what I mean and XSLT is the tool I want to use.

>Rule 1 in my development book is KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
>Rule 2 don't add new requirements untill the existing ones are implemented.
>Rule 3 : try where possible to keep track of implemented requirements.
>heres an idea, for every package XML profile theire is an assosiated
>help/doc XML profile. this way they are seperate and the parser can choose
>to ignore the help. (the Help/Doc is extracted from the LFS book profile
>using XSLT)

Why only the help, this works even for the instructions.

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