Project managment - or just chaos?

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at
Mon Jan 28 09:06:28 PST 2002


On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 07:18:43PM -0000, Jay Bennie wrote:
> To say now I'm now completely lost would be an understatement.

Welcome to the club *winks* ;)

> Anyway, It looks like Jesse is firmly in the driving seat that the moment,
> while Mark extends the syntax, with Felipe.
> Gerard, am I right in suggesting that you are moderating the requests for
> function, i.e helping Jesse sort out the requirements that will make up the
> release? And every one else on the list is trying to build their own
> parser/variant of nALFS. With the exception of Neven and Jason.

Right now, yes.  I'm mostly focusing on short term goals, which is
getting everyone to [moderatly] agree on a resonable syntax that will be
named 1.0 when finished.  Along with writting an official
implementation, currectly coded named 'halfling' which myself, Gerard
and Jason will be supporting.

Gerard Beekmans, is well Gerard :)  He's just making sure that in the
long run, all the goals we set forth, will come to light.  We generally
agree on things, so no biggie in that regard.  Jason Gurtz is another
official alfs developer, that I generally pick his brain and test new
ideas out on.  He's always usually focused on documenetation, so he will
become a great asset when 1.0 is released. (have to document all that,
Eh? :)

There were other people that were official associated with ALFS, thou
they either left the project, or haven't been heard from in a while.

Neven Has, Mark Ellis and Felipe Contreras are writting there own
implementations, allthough they do plan on staying compatible with the
syntax that official gets promoted.  These three are becoming quite
regulars and are helping me pick a syntax for 1.0.  Perhaps they will
eventually become official alfs developers if they choose it ;)

> If I'm wrong can you let me know, or if you are important to this project
> and I missed you out?

I could list you a page long of people that have been involved
officially and unofficial in the last two years, but the above list is
pretty sound in terms of whom is helping out and so forth.  At least
when it comes to those that are the most out-spoken ;)

There are a few others, like Chris that like to write profiles and so
forth, etc.

> PS. Is there any chance that someone could email me a tarball of a current
> development nALFS and the XML Profiles. I'm crap with CVS. I always mess up
> the bits I download.

As Jason suggested, the code in CVS is way old and it would be much
better to download a copy of Mark's work, which is based on the previous
releases that were in CVS, or use Neven Has's nALFS for now.

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