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On Sat, Jan 26, 2002 at 12:00:53AM -0600, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> * Grouping
> 	I think grouping is essential in order to control exactly where we
> 	are, which commands are going to be executed, save the current
> 	state, restore from where we left, etc. I think no scatered
> 	commands should lay around, it's like seeing just a bunch of
> 	commands in the lfs book witouth information belonging to which
> 	chapter it is and which part of the chapter you'll not know if to
> 	type those commands or not.

Yes, i've never liked having some of the commands outside of a package,
but there isn't really all that much we can do, unless we make a dummy
package and put them inside it or move more of the config file generate
into there correct affiliated packages.

> 	1. The xml profile is translated to bash, then executed.
This i believe you are doing.

> 	2. The profile is translated to shell commands and each one of them
> 	is piped to a coshell that executes them and return the status.

This is how nALFS does it, i believe.

> 	4. Each command is handled directly by a system call or function.

This is how id like to see things done.

> 	Each one of them has it's pros and cons, and it all depend on the
> 	language of the implementation. Probably the implementations will
> 	have to use some sort of convination, since for example an
> 	implementation of the 4th alone will not handle "./configure", ther
> 	is no way to do that without system().

Correct.  Well system() is an evil system call and it's much nicer to
use a PIPE imo.

> 	So, if we want to make a good profile we should think about this 4
> 	approaches of executing commands.


> There is more stuff, but I agree with Jesse, we should start with
> something now. If these ideas are at least considered I'll be happy with
> the path alfs will take.

*blinks* He agrees him me!?! *blinks again* How long have i waited for
this day.... :)

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