how to start : second phase

reb0rn jyork at
Thu Jan 31 21:45:35 PST 2002

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002 15:48:35 -0500, andrew sprott wrote:

>> > The problem is, and I dislike the setup too, that you have not placed
>> > your packacges inside the chroot enviroment where the system can get
>> > them once locked in there.
>> >Unfortunately you can't initially mount partitions inside there as
>> >there is no mount command etc. yet.
>>I don't use (n)ALFS because I made my own scripts (to learn sh) so I
>>don't really know if I'm gonna make sense, BUT:
>>can't you just mount the partition on which the LFS packages are
>>*before* you enter chroot? I do it this way and it works fine. It would
>>be the last thing you do in chap 5.
> i just copy the packages into the lfs partition. but what i can't work
> out is how to continue the scripts after i've chrooted.
> andrew sprott
> andru at

copy the rest of the installation bash script to somewhere within your
chrooted environment. Also any source needed then in your script

chroot /path/to/chrooted/lfs /path/to/
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