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Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at gmx.de
Wed Mar 20 09:50:46 PST 2002

Hi all, especially Neven,

I'm recently trying to adapt ALFS for myOS. So far so good.
Now is the concept of a myOS package the one, that you have
the unpacked package looking like this:

		build.xml <-- simple profile
		src/ <-- original sourcecode
		docs/ <-- documentation
		patches/ <-- patches, if any

(Or similar). A sample build.xml is here:


		<!-- No unpacking needed, as this is
		being done by the myOS package manager -->




Okay. We could now discuss wether the syntax I'm using here
(the one used in the recent nALFS profiles) is enough for an
Oscar or not, or wether the <build></build>, respectively
<postbuild></postbuild> is really needed, but these are minor
issues. My REAL problem is this:
When I try to build package-1.2.3 using nALFS, I will nearly
instantly get an error by make, which couldn't find a Makefile!
And the reason is, that <base>src</base> seems to be ignored
by nALFS?!! Or is this just me?

Fine. That was major problem #1. Now major problem #2. WHY
may I not write a file looking like this to build my package(s):

	<!DOCTYPE alfs [
		<!ENTITY src-root "/usr/src/packages">

		<!ENTITY package SYSTEM "package-1.2.3">

	<alfs version="2.0">

(If I've just made syntax errors here, then please correct me,
but I'm pretty sure there's no way to make it work with the
current implementation).

All the best regards,
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