Improving <setenv>

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Thu Mar 21 04:40:10 PST 2002

On 2002.03.21 09:28 Lee Saferite wrote:
> I like the idea of <chroot>, <su>, and <setenv>  but for simplicity
> (or mybe to make it more complicated)  why couldn't we have a:
> <stage name="Ch.5 - Installing Bash" root="/some/dir" user="lfsuser"
> group="lfs" env="E=mc2">
> You could use the attibute addenv to append to the env.  and you would
> have all env changes be aplicable only to elements of the stage tag.
> I mean, if you look at it, every time you do a setenv or su or chroot
> you are entering a 'stage' of the building process, no?
> Comments/Flames welcome.  =)
> Lee

I think i like this, it might seem messy at first 'cos you'd have to 
have most of those attributes as optional, but its versatile and could 
even replace *build :) <ducks/>

Still one problem, specifying more than one env variable. A separation 
character works in something like $PATH 'cos that character can never 
appear in what it is separating. Everyones mission should they choose 
to accept it is to think of how to separate arbitrary env var content 
that can conceivably contain anything, while staying within the limits 
of legal XML. I'm off to the pub :)

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