Improving <setenv>

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Fri Mar 22 04:18:08 PST 2002

On 2002.03.21 21:26 Lee Saferite wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 13:26:16 -0500
> "Seth W. Klein" <sk at> wrote:
> > Mark Ellis <mark.uzumati at> wrote:
> >
> > Stages would have to nest and attribute values would have to be
> > inherited.
> That is what I had in mind and seems to make the most sense.
> > Can this replace package then? I think it can. It would add a
> grouping
> > element for packages, too. (I forget what that was called last time
> > someone suggested it.)
> I would think keeping <package> would be a good thing.  It is a
> logical element for grouping.  Then you could use <stage> inside it to
> subdivide it any way you wanted.  That way, you could have an <info>
> entity with some required info on the package ie. <name>, <version>,
> <defaultbase>, possibly some sort of depenancy info.  Then the rest
> would be all stages or just naked elements (correct term?)

Snip example

I'm definitely for keeping package as a distinct element, there will 
always be a use for specific functionality at the package level, 
particularly dependency info. When i eventually get around to finishing 
it :) my installation tracking will capture anything done within a 
particular <package>, and i would imagine Neven has worked on similar 

> As for the env seperator problem, I have very limited xml
> savoir-faire, but I would ask, can you have nested quotes in an
> attribute?

Yep, thats not a problem at all, and one solution would be to put each 
assignment in quotes. Only drawback is that the assignment could 
contain quotes too, which isn't a show stopper but would require a 
lovely bit of logical gymnastics to match up the encapsulating quotes.

> An uglier option could be to have some sort of <info> element (maybe a
> differnet name) inside the stage element.  You could then have a
> series of elements that set all the needed options.  Actually, I think
> that sounds bad, and ugly...
> <stage>
>    <stageinfo>
>       <name>Prebuild</name>
>       <user>lfs</user>
>       <group>lfsgroup</group>
>       <chroot>&LFS;</chroot>
>       <env mode="append">"you=me" "he=she"</env>
>    </stageinfo>
>    <make>
>       ...
>    </make>
>    <stage>
>       <stageinfo>
>          <name>Cleanup</name>
>       </stageinfo>
>       ...
>    </stage>
>    <link>
>       ...
>    </link>
> </stage>
> Actually, having written the above, I think that looks nicer that my
> first suggestion.  You could make the stageinfo element a sigle
> instance only and required.  inside the stageinfo element you would
> have a required <name> element but the rest could be optional but
> unique (only one instance).

This could work, and you could have repeating <setenv>s in the 
<stageinfo>, formatted like they are now but tied to that particular 
stage. If you then need to rerun something in that stage, the stage 
setup is performed again, including any <setenv>s that are tied to it.

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