newbie ?

Jason Gurtz jason at
Thu Mar 28 20:20:08 PST 2002

> Subject: newbie ?

Yes!  ;)

> I have been following this group for months now, trying to 
> decide if LFS is over my head.

You should first carefully read: Now you will
know where to look for help (not here ;).  Next, learn how to post to
the mailing lists at:
Next, read the faq:  Don't worry
if some of the faq doesn't make sense now.  Now read the intro:

> Are the docs complete?

I like to think so.  You can judge for your self though; view the book @

>  Any advice on hardware platform?

x86 is certainly the most common.  Some people have been successful on a
variety of other platforms including Sparc, m68k, PPC, S/390, MIPS, and
Alpha.  On other than x86 you will probably need to consult the mailing
list archives to solve problems.

>  Am I crazy for considering this?

Maybe, but have fun regardless.




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