Packager Proposition

Silviu Julean juleans at
Sun Mar 31 12:26:08 PST 2002

Diclaimer: I'm new to this list and i don't know whether this has been
already discussed.

I'm using LFS and i found the installation to be slow, so I started using
nALFS. After some time and lots of installed packages, I realized that if I
did something wrong during an installation, there was nearly no way to fix
it. Moreover, for some packages compiling takes forever, and it's a headache
to do if something happened to some of your files.

That's when I decided to use the .tgz packaging (as described in the tgz
hint). It's easy and portable (no special libraries are required, and even
some Window$ archivers can unpack tgz`s).

So why not add something like <packager="checkinstall"> in <postbuild>? This
could automatically create the required files and directories. In addition,
nALFS could configure all installed packages as RPM's, not only TGZ's; and
(l)users would use nALFS only when compiling their software, and then use
their packaging software. It would also obsolete the need for make

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