yet another automation of LFS

Phil Gendreau phil at
Fri May 10 08:01:44 PDT 2002

I had some time the other day and tought I would go through LFS 
again just for fun, but I ended up playing with vim and carved
this out of the book:

I wouldn't really consider this an automation of LFS in its 
own right, but more like an alternative way to do/read the book.

It was pretty easy to go from the text version of the book
to an executable version and, since we all get hooked, I guess 
that most lfsers probably already have their own automation of 
LFS going on. To those, I have a question: 

How do you make the chroot "hop" or 
what are, in general, the ways to do it?

I used csplit. To see my approach, try this:

wget -q -O - \ \
|bzcat |sed '/^#/d' |grep csplit -A8

I'm not sure if this hasn't already been done a thousand times,
but if it can be of any interest to anyone, let me know...

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