nALFS feature request

Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at
Sun May 19 08:24:58 PDT 2002

| I think that's what Raphael
| wanted to avoid.

|     <execute>
|         <command>useradd</command>
|         <param>-s /bin/bash</param>
|         <param>-m</param>
|         <param>&lfs-user;</param>
|         <param>|| true</param>
|     </execute>
| can be used for that.
Where is the point in a system like ALFS and it's XML syntax, if you
anyways just use the system commands? Then I can aswell write some
bashscripts, no?

| grep '^lfs:' /etc/passwd
| would work (where lfs should be &lfs-user; in general).
Hmm. Flame me if I'm wrong, but looks a bit like people are not using/
seeing ALFS for things different from building the LFS book only?
Whereas it has so much more abilities. Just noticing...

Regards, Raphael
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