A possible direction for nALFS

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at pcpmicro.co.uk
Thu Dec 4 07:28:14 PST 2003

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 01 December 2003 14:18:
> I frequently use nALFS to do builds on systems that are
> not attached to any network at all, so this would be a
> problem in that regard. 

But you must have some way of getting the packages to install
in the first place. While your getting these it could be feasible
to download the small compressed .tar.bz2 set of profiles.
> Neven is already working on "uninstall" functionality
> (parts of it are in CVS now) and there will be more work
> done in the next couple of months in that area as well as
> inter-package dependencies, build order restrictions, etc.

How far along is this and where is it implemented in CVS?

BTW what's everyone working on at the moment (Kevin, Neven)?
I seen CVS development is a couple of weeks old and I wondered
if there is anything impending to be committed?


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