A possible direction for nALFS

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Dec 4 11:02:07 PST 2003

Jamie Bennett wrote:

> I like the idea of a central repository, kind of like Gentoo's
> portage. A 
> 	# nALFS --update-profiles
> could download a list of current profiles from a remote server
> and put them in /var/nALFS/profiles, ready for you to install.
> I think nALFS needs something like this if it is to gain greater
> popularity. 

I'm not opposed to this, but will be a lot of work to define the storage 
format, access method, and user interface to select which profiles you 
want to download/update.

> nALFS has been just bobbing along now for quite some time, I think
> we need to concentrate on more mainstream features such as remote
> downloading of profiles, uninstall facility and dependency 
> calculation if we are to attract more interest (development and 
> user), unless the aim of nALFS is to remain small and niche like?

Dependency calculation is high on my list as well, I'm not so interested 
in the other ideas presented here. I can certainly help out with design 
and implementation discussions, though.

As far as "where nALFS is going", up to this point it has been a tool to 
help people build LFS systems after they already learned how to do so in 
other ways. I don't know if Neven and the others want this tool to reach 
the point where people don't bother to actually learn any of what LFS is 
trying to teach them...

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