A possible direction for nALFS

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at pcpmicro.co.uk
Fri Dec 5 00:45:53 PST 2003

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 04 December 2003 19:02:
> I'm not opposed to this, but will be a lot of work to
> define the storage format, access method, and user
> interface to select which profiles you want to
> download/update. 

I don't know what you mean by a lot of work. The way I see
it (I may be over simplifying it), all you would need to 
do is do a wget/curl download of a tarball from a known
location. Maybe add 

set profile_download "ftp://download-location/current.tar.bz2"
set profile_location "/var/nALFS/profiles"

to your .nALFSrc. Then if a

	# nALFS --update-profiles

is run the tarball is downloaded from profile_download to
profile_location and unpacked.

> Dependency calculation is high on my list as well, I'm
> not so interested in the other ideas presented here. I
> can certainly help out with design and implementation
> discussions, though. 

Nice to hear but I feel quite strongly about the other ideas
that I raised, strongly enough to produce patches I think.
> As far as "where nALFS is going", up to this point it has
> been a tool to help people build LFS systems after they
> already learned how to do so in other ways. I don't know
> if Neven and the others want this tool to reach the point
> where people don't bother to actually learn any of what
> LFS is trying to teach them... 

But as we see from the LSB, nALFS can be used by people who
are not only interested in automating an install procedure
that they have done many times. It can also be used as a more 
traditional package manager which is what I have been using it
for, for quite some time now.

I'd love to see nALFS turn into a portage killer. Portage is
great but its hard to separate it from the base Gentoo 
distribution, similar to Debians apt-get. I'd like to see a
more generic portage-like system that you could use with any
distro. Whether this is where the developers want to see nALFS
going is another story. But I suppose that's the beauty of 
open source, if something doesn't do what you want it to, change
it yourself ;)


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