A possible direction for nALFS

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Dec 8 07:01:27 PST 2003

David Barron wrote:

> I understand the benefit of running --update-profiles as a cron job, but way back when I sent out the original message concerning this, that is not what I had in mind.  I was thinking that you would bring nALFS up (or something like it) and it would display a list of profiles available on the server, without downloading anything.  You would select one (or more) profile, and only that much would be downloaded and the packages associated with that profile would be run.

That's pretty much what I've been thinking as well. It would allow you 
to pick from the available profiles, and download them as well as 
profiles for any <required> packages that you don't already have.

> Of course this means that all profiles would have to be written to the same standard (ie, include a download section or not, use the same entities, etc) but the profile syntax is so flexible that should be no problem.

Yes, this will take some planning.

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