Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Wed Dec 10 01:43:35 PST 2003

Hi group,

  Just a quick one. Now that we have two package.ent files
and conceivably more, I think it would be a good idea to 
reorganise the way we include .ent files. 

  Many moons ago we used to have an entities directory where 
package.ent, system.ent and general.ent (now call config) 
were kept. This was a nice and clean way of doing it. Now 
that we could have multiple {package|system|config}.ent's it 
would be a good idea to keep these in a seperate directory 
(entities) and symlink them to the root directory. That way 
we can have multiple *.ent's for different builds. Another
upshot is that the user doesn't have to edit LFS-5.0.xml
to use the correct package.ent.

Jamie Bennett	-	jamie at linux from scratch dot org

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