Thomas Pegg lnxfreak123 at
Thu Dec 11 10:02:37 PST 2003

On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 09:41, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Jamie Bennett wrote:
> >   Many moons ago we used to have an entities directory where 
> > package.ent, system.ent and general.ent (now call config) 
> > were kept. This was a nice and clean way of doing it. Now 
> > that we could have multiple {package|system|config}.ent's it 
> > would be a good idea to keep these in a seperate directory 
> > (entities) and symlink them to the root directory. That way 
> > we can have multiple *.ent's for different builds. Another
> > upshot is that the user doesn't have to edit LFS-5.0.xml
> > to use the correct package.ent.
> I had been thinking of something like this too, but I don't see that 
> we'll have much need for more than two package.ent files.
> If you want to move them into subdirs and symlink them into the main 
> profile directory, to make it work as simply as the "config" stuff does 
> they would have go into separate subdirs, which would be a bit ugly. 
> Maybe just change their names the "packages-tarball.ent" and 
> "packages-separate.ent" and then have the user make a symlink to 
> package.ent?

Why not just create two seperate config_sample type directories and put
the two different package.ent files in the respective places, the files
in there get customized anyway, and then they just make the one symlink.

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