make oldconfig is halting

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri Dec 26 11:41:49 PST 2003

Kfir Lavi wrote:

> when nALFS tries to execute 'make oldconfig' it get stuck and just 
> ctrl-c get me out to the shell.
> xconfig and menuconfig don't work. each with his error.
> Is there a way to skip this step. I already have my .config prepared.
> make menuconfig gives the error that it can't open display or console ( 
> not the exact parse ).
> How can i make 'make menuconfig' work from nALFS?

The standard LFS profile expects a ready-to-go .config file to be 
present, and has an entity named "kernel-config" for you to specify 
where that file is located. "make oldconfig" should work fine as long as 
your .config file is up to date and doesn't force it to ask you any 
questions. You can't skip this step, because the kernel compilation 
requires that at least _one_ of the "config" targets has been 
successfully run before building the kernel can proceed.

You cannot run menuconfig/xconfig from within nALFS, becuase their 
input/output has been redirected to pipes, not the terminal.

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