make oldconfig is halting

Kfir Lavi kfirlavi at
Fri Dec 26 15:15:22 PST 2003

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> The standard LFS profile expects a ready-to-go .config file to be 
> present, and has an entity named "kernel-config" for you to specify 
have it and it was prepared from advance.
> where that file is located. "make oldconfig" should work fine as long as 
> your .config file is up to date and doesn't force it to ask you any 
> questions. You can't skip this step, because the kernel compilation 
> requires that at least _one_ of the "config" targets has been 
> successfully run before building the kernel can proceed.
> You cannot run menuconfig/xconfig from within nALFS, becuase their 
> input/output has been redirected to pipes, not the terminal.
so, how i open an editor with nALFS? maybe we can change it to work like 

Kfir Lavi

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