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curd curd at
Fri Mar 7 16:07:41 PST 2003

Vassili Dzuba wrote:

>It's patch day, folks ;-)
>You will find on
>a patch to nALFS 1.1.7 to implement a new tag <download>.
>( )
>An example of the use of this element is :
>    <file>kbd-1.08.tar.gz</file>
>    <url></url>
>    <destination>/var2/packages/</destination>
>    <digest>924e6a05e52715dc0f96385b35f2f680</digest>
>Note : i used <download> and not <archive> as previously discussed
>because this element can be used to download files that are not
>archives (e.g. patches), and because <archive> is already used
>with a different content model.
>The documentation of the DTD has been upgraded.
>Vassili Dzuba

First of all, apologies for the wrapping, I can't get mozilla to do it 
(tried what they say here:,
but that doesn't help apparently). If anyone knows how to do it 
properly, please let me know.

This is a great feature, but it didn't work for me.
The filename was displayed properly in the profile,
but the file that was being fetched (I use wget), had some
funny characters appended to it.
Now my knowledge of C is very limited to say the least, but figuring 
that there was
maybe something wrong with the wget routine, I managed to get it working
like this:

--- new-download.c.orig 2003-03-08 00:31:34.000000000 +0100
+++ new-download.c      2003-03-08 00:26:54.000000000 +0100
@@ -211,12 +211,12 @@
        status = load_url(file, url);
-       status = execute_command("wget --progress=dot -O %s %s%s", file, 
+       status = execute_command("wget --progress=dot -O %s %s", file, url);
        if (status) {
                Nprint_h_err("Getting url failed:");
-               Nprint_h_err("    %s%s", url);
+               Nprint_h_err("    %s", url);
                /* TODO: Should we delete the broken archive here? */

Is this me (it's 1am) or is this a bug?
Anyway thanks for the efforts, this is turning out a great tool!
I'm trying to pick up a little C, and this seems a good project to start
learning ;o)


Wim Van Dijck
When things go well, expect something to explode, erode, collapse or 
just disappear.

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