Automatic retrieval

Mon May 12 01:03:39 PDT 2003

Works fine for me too, inside the chrooted env. (have to fix the download patch first though).
I install wget before getting into chroot and adding the /etc/resolv.conf is enough.

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On Sunday 11 May 2003 19:42, you (Neven Has) wrote :
 > Well, the same way you do it for packages, in <unpack>.

Except that some patches are 'plain' files and are not 'unpack'ed.

 > But I still have to add Vassili's <archive> (<download> ?) patch,
 > which should give more freedom.

I found his patch and applied it. Works OK for me. But in the meantime
I had downloaded all the necessary files, because I'm in urgent need of
my LFS system! ;-)

 > However, there's currently one catch with all this automatic
 > downloading of packages -- it doesn't work. :)

Huh? :-(

 > Curl, which is used for downloading, can't resolve hostnames when in
 > chroot environment.  I still haven't figured out why exactly, whether
 > it's glibc, or something else, so if anybody has some idea, that would
 > be great.

I might say nonsense, but for me, adding a /etc/resolv.conf file
was enough. Mine comes from my host distro, but I have DHCP on it
and there shall be none. But with this file it works :

$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
nameserver a.b.c.d
nameserver e.f.g.h

where a.b.c.d and e.f.g.h are the IP adresses of primary and the
optional secondary servers.

(Hmm, I'm wondering at the moment wether I tested _while_ chrooted or
after I rebooted into LFS?... Will check when I have static ready...)

In the same spirit, I wanted to check that my tweaked profile was
OK, but couldn't find a way to check that all the URLs I had entered
were correct : would it be feasible to make nALFS check the
availibility of the files, download those missing, and then only
start the installation?

That could solve the issue while in chroot, except we don't have the
complete path to the package store for those specified in chapter 6 :
the path is relative to &LFS; and would require to add it 'manually'
during the download phase.

Furthermore, people using dialup would benefit of this, as there would
no longer be the need to keep the connection up during the install.


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